Anyone who has ever experienced music synchronized to picture knows the undeniable impact that it plays. Alto Soundwaves is a creative music studio, collaborating with an array of international composers and musicians from across the world. The company was spearheaded by recording artist Moody Schricker and has worked with clients based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Italy. The company’s aim is to create music for commercial purposes that is worthy of being called “music”.




Our collaborations with global fashion houses like Bruno Magli, and international brands like Nike or publications like Never Underdressed, and VS have produced simple yet beautiful music. This integrity and simplicity is what separates Alto Soundwaves from a roster of music houses catering to the commercial sector.

Schricker received his BA in philosophy at the University of Western Ontario and his Audio Engineering certificate at The Audio Recording Academy, Toronto. He holds his masters in ETHNOMUSICOLOCY from York University. He has written and composed music for film, music videos, fashion films, advertising and installations (Chelsea art museum, Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts).